Effective Herbal Appetite Suppressants

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Fighting the urges to overeat and curb the appetite can be accomplished using herbs. Herbal appetite suppressants are natural ways to help the patient lose weight without the continuous cravings. Some herbs are available over-the-counter at a local vitamin shop. More potent herbs like phentermine require a physician prescription. Coupled with exercise and diet with healthy foods, patients can help with weight loss using herbs. If you buy isagenix products, then you are almost following up the right plan.

Hoodia Products – The Newest Herbal Appetite Suppressants

Hoodia gordonii is a plant native to South Africa. This plant is one of the newest herbal appetite suppressants to hit the market. The product is sold in over-the-counter weight loss pills. The weight loss factor does not have any clinical evidence, but the herbal appetite suppressant reduces the amount of food a patient eats throughout the day. The reduction in caloric intake means the patient loses weight. Patients who look to purchase hoodia should research the product’s ingredients. Some herbal appetite suppressant supplements don’t actually have hoodia in ingredients.

Ephedra – A Potent Herbal Appetite Suppressant

Ephedra is available through a prescription from a medical doctor. The most prominent name brand product with ephedra in it is Adipex. Adipex is prescribed by plastic surgeons to help patients lose weight for short term weight loss goals. Herbal appetite suppressants like ephedra have adverse side effects, which is why it is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Patients should alert the physician if any shortness of breath or heart palpitations are felt during use. This drug has strong effects, but it is an effective herbal appetite suppressant for patients who want to lose weight.

Green Tea – Relaxing Appetite Suppressants

Green tea has several beneficial effects for patients. The tea is said to have an appetite suppressant effect along with the ability to increase the amount of calories burned. Green tea is found in any vitamin shop, and some stores sell the plant extract in pill form. Be careful when purchasing green tea products. Some of them contain large amounts of caffeine.

Heartleaf – An Appetite Suppressant Found in Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are found in grocery stores and quick stops off the highway. One product found in these products is heartleaf (Sida cordifolia). These products may also contain ephedrine. Heartleaf works by increasing norepinephrine, which is a brain neurotransmitter responsible for the body’s “fight or flight” response. This response increases the heart rate and reduces the central nervous system’s activity for digestion and appetite. The result is a reduction in appetite and a weight loss effect. Patients should consult a physician before taking products that increase heart rate. Patients with heart conditions should avoid these products.

Losing weight is difficult, but these herbal appetite suppressants can help with the battle of the bulge. Always eat a healthy diet when reducing caloric intake, and exercise regularly to improve body tone and muscles.